Homologation, translation of drawings and technical documentation
GOST, ESKD and other regulatory documents are mandatory for use in Russia.

If you have engineering drawings of any countries (Europe, America, China and others), our specialists will translate and adapt the drawings to Russian standards.
Development of technical documentation
Spare Parts Catalog
Electronic Catalog of Parts and Assembly Units
The Operation Manual
Structure Repair Manual
Interactive Training Tools
3D modeling
We design 3D models in wide range of software: NX, Catia, Compass, Solid Edge and others.
Reverse engineering
If you need to design a model based on an existing product - our designers will design a complete analogue of the product.
Design and construction
Welding devices, jigs, templates
Measuring Instruments
Devices for machining parts
Devices for mechanical assembly, forming and installation
Devices for painting, electroplating and other works
Special devices (for testing, etc.)
Molds for machines injection-molding machine
Stamps: dividing, shaping, combined
Visualization and animation
Interactive assembly animation
Interactive installation animation
Interactive training tools
Interactive animation for presentations

Works are performed in Cartona 3D software and can be viewed in any browser. Specialized software is not required.
What is the cost of designing a particular part / assembly unit?
– The cost is determined by the technical requirements and customer wishes and it is not possible to average the price. Price offer will be formed after a specific requirement.
Example: Translation of French drawings in 2019 ranged from 3,000 to 4,000 rubles for A4 format with the creation of a 3D model.
We do not have Terms of reference. What should we do?
– Send the requirement in a way that is suitable for you. Terms of referencewill be created for you independently and we will coordinate it with you.
What are the time-limits of projects?
– Time required for different project can range from 3 days to 1 year.